About us

What does a Rock Drummer do after he leaves the Road and the Studio…He keeps his passions alive by creating a bad ass store that brings his love of all things Riding, Rock-N-Roll and Carefully Selected Products that are just plain cool to life.

Even as a young kid, Tut always had a flare for thrills and music.  His first introduction into playing the drums was from his big brother and playing on his drums when he wasn’t around.  By seeing musical notes in his mind, his obsession of the drums and love for music became a huge part of his life.

After years of playing as a kid, he formed a band that played in major regional shows on the regular.

Growing up with his older brother and a father who loved anything with a motor, the three of them spent time together tinkering around with cars in the garage.  His Bro went off to AMI and then decided to open up a custom bike shop. He not only repaired bikes, but built custom bikes that graced the covers of countless national biker magazines.  

Once again, Tut followed his brother into another passion. This is when Tut picked up the love of motorcycles and riding. He soon went to work with his brother and created a world of all things riding and music. He built a rehearsal studio in the bike shop where many an after party and jam sessions took place.The bike shop was a Hub for other musicians to come by, hang out and customize their bikes.

Bikes by day and Music by night.  

With the band increasing its audience with more and more radio airtime, they were invited onto the Jager Tour and tour the Country and beyond.  A choice had to be made between the Cycle shop and Music on the Road.

Music won.  

Knowing that cycles and riding would get back in his life at a later date, Tut and the band hit the road. His prominent band was increasing in popularity. After many years of countless shows and touring with the likes of Smashing Pumpkins, Monster Magnet, Taproot, Sponge, Sevendust, 3 Doors Down, 311, Slipknot, Mudvayne and Kid Rock, just to name a few, the band was signed to Universal. They worked with such legends as Stephen Perkins of Janes Addiction who appeared on the band’s first album called “Burn This”.

What a great Rock-N-Roll run that was.

Now off the road, Tut is bringing his passion for riding back into his life full force. He created Stofma Hub which is located in Southern California where he now resides. Stofma Hub is a carefully curated collection of cool. An on-line store where you can get Moto Gear & Accessories, Leather Goods & Helmets, and a few other Unique Collections to add some more Blaze to your life.  

Our love for riding, flare for living large and never ending passion drives us to bring you the best collections that we can find.  We stand behind all of our products, are proud of who we are and want to bring you a fantastic shopping experience and awesome customer service.

We hope you find all things that you love and if you ever need us, just reach out!

Ride On & Rock On,


Stofma Hub