How is the heated clothing powered? 

7V products use a small, rechargeable lithium-ion battery and the 12V products use any 12V power source (Motorcycle, Car, Tractor, Snowmobile, etc) 


How do I hook up my heated clothing to my bike? 

By using the battery harness that is included in most of our 12v products. Put the 15 amp fuse in the harness and connect it to the positive and negative terminals of your bike battery. Your temperature controllers will then connect to this battery harness. 

​Can my electrical system handle the draw? 

Check the watts for each item of clothing that you will wear and up the total watts of all items. Refer to your owner's manual and/or dealer to look up the available wattage of your electrical system. 

How many amps does my (jacket, gloves, pants, socks) pull? 

Gloves = 2.4
Socks = 2.2 
Jacket = 6.4
Pants = 4.6 

What size fuse do I need to put in my battery harness? 

We always suggest using the 15 amp fuse. 

Which plug on the jacket is for power in? 

The white plug is the power in.

The black plug is the power in for the gloves. 

The yellow plug (female) is the accessory plug for connecting

to your pants or socks. 

Can I use my battery tender cord to run my heated clothing? 

Yes, we have an SAE to Coax adapter cord that you can connect to your battery tender cable. You need to change the fuse in your tender cord to a 15 amp. If you do this, we suggest that you don't use this as your battery tender anymore. Your battery tender trickle charges 2-3 amps back to the battery. If there is a malfunction, it could fry your battery. 

Can I use my 12V power outlet to power my heated clothing? 

Yes. We have a 12V adapter plug to use instead of a battery harness. 

Is there a plug for my BMW port? 

Yes. We also carry BMW adapter plugs. 

Why do I need a temperature controller? 

The 12V heated clothing can reach temperatures of 135°. We highly recommend temperature controls so that you aren't always riding with full on heat. 

Do I need more than one controller? 

Usually no. A dual controller will handle a full set up of jacket, gloves, pants and socks. 


Why is my controller flashing a fast red and green? 

This is typically caused by a back surge of power to the controller. It is a built in fail safe to prevent the controller from overheating and failing. To correct it, turn the controller off, and turn it back on. For best results, start your bike before you plug in. 

Can I use one temperature controller to power 2 people? 

No, each person must have their own power cord and temperature controller. The power cord would be overloaded with 2 outfits. 


What does the temperature control leg strap do? 

It provides easier access to your temperature controller by placing one on your leg instead of your jacket pocket,


What are my warranty options? 

-1 year on manufacturer defects and workmanship
-90 days on batteries
-2 years on controllers

Why can’t I just get the same size I wear in a regular jacket? 

The heated clothing is meant to fit comfortably snug in order to deliver the best possible results. Not all sizing is the same for all apparel. 

Why isn’t it as warm as it should be? 

Check your plug connections, make sure you have an adequate fuse (we recommend 15 amps), or there could be a bad plug wire. 

Is my heated clothing compatible with other brands? 

Yes and No. Some brands have recently changed their connections. Please call us for more specific information. 


What happens if I get wet? 

Nothing. All of our wiring is sealed with carbon fiber and there would be no shock from getting wet. 

Is my heated clothing waterproof? 

The jacket and pant liners are just that. Liners. They are not waterproof and should be worn under a windproof / waterproof garment. The gloves are all constructed with a waterproof/breathable membrane to keep your hands dry. However, the leather is not waterproof and should be treated. 

Can I wash my jacket liner, pants or socks? 

Yes. Hand wash with a mild laundry detergent and hang to dry. Be mindful of loose hanging wires & zip all zippers closed. Remove batteries and any other items from the pockets. DO NOT DRY CLEAN.  DO NOT IRON.  DO NOT MACHINE DRY.


Can I wear my liner as an outer jacket? 

Not when you are riding. The fabric and stitching are not made to withstand excessive wind but are instead meant to be worn under a wind resistant jacket. You may wear them as an outer jacket when walking around. 

How tightly can I package my garments? 

As tight as you can roll them but just be mindful of the wires. Excessive twisting could cause a disconnection of the internal wiring system. 


How long does my 7V battery last? 

The Spark 3000 lasts 3-10 hours. Long durations in extreme cold can shorten the battery life. 


What kind of temperature controller do I need for my battery powered clothing? 

The batteries that come with the clothing have their own internal thermostat controls built into the battery. Four settings are offered. 


Why can’t I plug my battery heated gear (jacket, vest, socks) into my bike? 

The battery powered gear is a lower voltage (7V) than the 12V of a motorcycle. The wiring is also not the same gauge.