28" Black Chrome Biker Chain

15.99 USD

Especially these days, bikers are looking to standout as much as possible. This beautifully crafted black chrome biker chain is a real game changer. Uniquely put together, the unusual look really kicks it off to a great start because it's most definitely eye catching. Along with this, it makes for a tough and durable feel. Towards each end, a lobster clasp is placed allowing quick and easy attachment and detachment.To take it a step further we've used two different size clasps which enable you to hook onto almost anything. At 28 inches long, this chain is a must have for anyone looking for a long lasting chain.

  • 28" Inches Long
  • Unique Heavy Duty Loops
  • Beautiful Black Chrome Finish
  • Two Lobster Clasps For Easier Attachment/Detachment
  • Style Oriented
  • Long Lasting